Top 5 Mac Attack Moments 6/18-6/22

Zack "Preppy" McGee
June 22, 2018 - 11:23 am

This week was another fun week on the Mac Attack. We started the week talking about who we think the Hornets should take in the NBA Draft, and finished the week with Mac complaining about who the Hornets took in the NBA Draft. It was filled with great moments and one that may result with T-Bone losing his job. Find out which Moment came in at #1.

5.) Hornets Trade Dwight Howard

Earlier this week, the Charlotte Hornets decided to trade Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets for Timofey Mozgov and a few Draft Picks. This had fans feeling all types of ways. Mac discusses why he thinks this was done due to the multiple people saying Dwight was a cancer in the Locker Room, but other people truly hate the move. Dwight Howard is a great player and had a great season last year, so this was a puzzling move to only get Mozgov in return. The Hornets did it for money purposes as well, and it seems as if big men like Dwight don’t really win you NBA Championships anymore. I am a fan of the move.

4.) Mac Trying For Hornets Fan Optimism

On Wednesday, Mac tried his best to get Hornets fans intrigued for Thursdays NBA Draft. While some fans did call in and voice their opinions, they were not all good opinions. Most people had the perspective that whoever the Hornets draft was going to end up being a disaster like previous picks such as Adam Morrison, Frank Kaminsky, Malik Monk(yet to be seen). The callers and Mac also weren’t intrigued because the Hornets had pick #11, the same as 2017. Hopefully their 1st Round Pick Miles Bridges can come in and contribute right away, and end the streak of bad picks for this franchise.

3.) Mac & T-Bone Make A Panthers Guarantee

This guarantee was not one I can say I agree with. After seeing many reports saying the Panthers are going to finish 3rd in the NFC South, Mac & T-Bone both guaranteed they would not. I, on the other hand, did not agree with this guarantee. Mac expressed how he thought the Panthers were better than the Falcons, and T-Bone discusses how he wouldn’t be surprised if the Saints took a step back. Sorry boys, just not seeing it. The Saints and Falcons have proven high-powered offenses, which I expect to be on full display in 2018. Saints Running Back Mark Ingram is suspended for the first 4 games, but Alvin Kamara will have no trouble handling the heavy workload. I expect the Panthers to go 9-7 and finish 3rd in the division.

2.)  T-Bone Gongs Tony the Hitman

This had to have been the funniest moment of the week. On Friday, Mac was raving about how he thought the Hornets should’ve taken a shot on Michael Porter Jr, and he was not giving Miles Bridges much credit. This led to our fearless leader Tony “Hitman” Digiacomo calling in and getting Bridges’ back. As Hitman was in the middle of a very good take about Bridges, T-Bone Gonged Hitman off the air. For anyone that doesn’t know what the Gong is, it is a sound effect for T-Bone to use to get a caller off the air that is making a bad take. T-Bone using the Gong may not end well for him. Tony demanded a meeting with T-Bone after Friday’s show, and HR did as well. Hopefully T-Bone will just be scolded, but you never know in this business. T-Bone & Mac’s 13 year run together may have come to an end.  

1.) Bridges & Kupchak

This moment was very insightful for all Hornets fan out there. At 9:00 on Friday, Mac was also to interview the Hornets First Round Pick Miles Bridges. Bridges discusses his excitement to be a Hornet, as well as why he can play every position on the floor. Bridges also tells Mac why he should not be worried that the Hornets passed on Michael Porter Jr for him because he is going to bring a winning attitude and demeanor to the team right away.

Mac was also able to speak with Hornets GM Mitch Kupchak. Kupchak discusses why the team was hoping Mile Bridges would still be on the board when the Hornets chose, and he even discusses the Hornets off-season. When asked about if the Hornets were possibly going to trade Kemba Walker, Kupchak responded by saying “I’ve been around this league long enough to know any player on any team can be traded”. That doesn’t exactly sound like a vote of confidence Kemba will be here for the start of next season, so it will be interesting to see what happens. If you missed either interview, here are links to both.



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