Top 5 Mac Attack Moments 6/11-6/15

Zack "Preppy" McGee
June 15, 2018 - 11:24 am

This week was full of surprises. We found out Mac is a Soccer fan since the World Cup is starting, as well as Mac can be a mean human. We had a Hall of Fame Twitter Poll, and someone wanting to fight Mac. Check out which Moment came in #1!

5.) Panthers Top 11 Players in Franchise History

Since the World Cup got started this week, writers from decided to make a list of the best 11 players from each franchise. We discussed this topic on Thursday because the NFC South teams were coming out on Friday. We got a mix of callers that rated Steve Smith #1, and some that thought Julius Peppers #1. Other names that Mac thought should be locks to make the list were Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Jake Delhomme, and Thomas Davis.

Here is the list came up with that was released Friday morning:

4.) Ira Kaufman Calling Mac “Zack”

This was a pretty hilarious moment that happened earlier in the week. NFL Hall of Fame voter Ira Kaufman joined the Mac Attack to discuss the situation involving Terrell Owens not wanting to show up to Canton. What made this so funny was that every time Ira would answer a question from Mac, he would refer to Mac as “Zack”. I take some responsibly in this, as I was the one who called Ira off the air to set up the Interview. When I spoke with Ira, I said “Hi Ira, this is Zack from WFNZ. Hold tight and you will be on the air with Mac in a minute or so.” Ira must have got our names confused but nevertheless, it was a top moment of the week.

If you missed the Interview, here it is:

3.) Dethrone Bone   

This is the first week that Dethrone Bone did not make the #1 spot. Our callers that tried to Dethrone Bone this week were not very strong. Nobody Dethroned Bone, nor did they get very close. T-Bone was also not on the top of his game, but still easily prevailed. We will be continuing Dethrone bone every Thursday at 8:00 AM, so please call in and shoot your shot against T-Bone.

This week’s Dethrone Bone:

2.) Mac Attack Hall of Fame Poll

For some reason, T-Bone and Mac thought it would be a good idea to put up a Twitter Poll for people to decide which caller/contributor should be inducted into the Mac Attack Hall of Fame. The 4 contestants were Mark from Gastonia, Robin the Duke Fan, Granny Pat, and Mike Florio. I’m guessing you know who won without me even explaining it. Yes, it was the infamous MFG. What made this so funny was not only Mark wanting to know what Prize he gets for winning, but mostly how Mike Florio wanted no part of this whatsoever. Florio told Mac in an interview on Wednesday when the Poll ran that he hopes that he loses. The final Poll results after 476 votes were MFG leading the way with 43%, Granny Pat & Mike Florio tied with 22% and Robin the Duke fan came in last with only 13%.

1.) Caller Bob Is Mac’s Huckleberry  

This moment really caught everybody off guard for many reasons. On Monday a video came out of a Pitcher hugging a Batter after he struck him out to win a High School State Championship. After the game, the Pitcher said the Batter was a lifelong friend and he thought it would be better to give his friend a hug than celebrate with his teammates. Mac thought this was a complete no-no. He described how he would never do this, or wants this done to him, which led to callers calling in. One caller names Bob called in and gave Mac a piece of his mind. Bob called Mac a Punk 4 or 5 times, as well as challenged saying he is Mac’s “Huckleberry”. I don’t really know what a Huckleberry is, but it was hilarious. Bob then challenged Mac to a fight in his Driveway, which made us laugh even harder. All we could really do is laugh because of how insane Bob sounded, but it was by far the best moment of the week.

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