Jordan Recalls Bulls-Hornets '98 Series In "Last Dance"

Jason Huber
May 11, 2020 - 2:02 pm

Sports fans were locked in for another two episodes of "The Last Dance" on ESPN Sunday night with episodes 7 and 8 premiering and the Charlotte Hornets were prominently featured in parts of episode 8. 

The documentary centers around Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls 1997-98 season and Sunday night gave viewers a more in-depth look into the Bulls-Hornets semifinals playoff series that season.

Armstrong, a former teammate of Jordan with the Bulls from 1989-95 had plenty of confidence for the fourth-seeded Hornets.

“I was excited to face them in the playoffs knowing what I knew about the Bulls," Armstrong recalled. "What I knew about Michael, and to see if everything that I had learned would actually work.”

The most notable moment that came was how Jordan, who now owns the Hornets, felt slighted after then-Hornets guard B.J. Armstrong hit a series-tying shot in Game 2 and celebrated.

“I felt like B.J. should know better,” Jordan said. “If you’re going to high-five, talk trash, now I had a bone to pick with you. You know, I’m supposed to kill this guy. I’m supposed to dominate this guy. And from that point, I did.”

Jordan was then shown following the loss in archived footage sitting in the locker room smoking a cigar and holding a baseball bat talking about the game. 

"That's alright," he said. "Let's see if that trash-talking starts when it's 0-0 instead of a five, six-point lead. That's the sign of a good man. If you can talk shit with an even score. When you're ahead, it's easy to talk."  

As history shows, Chicago went on to win the next three games to beat Charlotte in five games and Armstrong was shut down.

Jordan scored 27, 31 and 33 in those three games and the Bulls won the championship later that season. 

Charlotte's 1998 skyline and Jordan reading a copy of The Charlotte Observer during the series was also featured in the episode.

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