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BLOG: KB's Top 3

Garcia & Bailey
December 05, 2017 - 11:02 am

​​Kyle Bailey breaks down his top three most talked about moments in sports this week. 

1.) Ryan Shazier's injury in last night's Steelers-Bengals game was horrific.

If you missed it, Shazier was injured trying to make what appeared to be a routine tackle. 

He was carted off the field, hospitalized, and everyone on the field was visibly shaken. There's a lot of rhetoric out there this morning about how bad this game was for football. 

On the surface it's just more emotion-driven, knee-jerk reaction, though it's not entirely unfounded. 

Football is a violent collision sport, and horrific injuries have unfortunately been a part of this game for decades so we should keep that in mind.

However, I'm one of those who believes that football may have reached it's peak popularity in this country and instances like last night's injury certainly don't help grow the game in the way Roger Goodell and the owners hope to do internationally.


2.) The Hornets needed that win last night, and the game had a little bit of everything. 

Kemba was incredible in his return. 

Nic Batum put up solid numbers as he continues to get back into form.

Frank Kaminsky was great off the bench, and Jeremy Lamb had a solid 4th Quarter.

It doesn't begin to make up for some of the recent losses, but it's a start. 

Including last night, the Hornets play 10 of their next 13 at home. 

If they're going to turn things around it needs to start now.


3.) Rob Gronkowski was suspended by the NFL yesterday for 1 game for his late (dirty) hit on Bills CB Tre-Davious White. 

There are a lot of upset folks out there on social media who believed that Gronk deserved a longer suspension and that he receives special treatment. 

Look, what he did was dirty and he deserves every bit of backlash that he gets for it. 

But a hefty fine and a 1-game suspension is sufficient. 


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