Douche Madness Bracket 2019: Championship

The Clubhouse with Kyle Bailey
March 20, 2019 - 11:18 am

Four Regions, 32 Douches.  

AUDIO of the reveal at the bottom of this page. 


Round One: March 20-22

Round of 16: March 22-25

Quarterfinals: March 25-27

Semifinals: March 27-29

Championship: March 29-April 1

Before voting, read the description of each remaining douche below: 

Region 1: The Hacksaw Region

Tweets at Recruits Guy


Doesn't matter if you once caught a 200-pound tuna and had a beer with Muggsy Bogues, this guy once ran into BigFoot and smoked weed with Snoop Dogg. He always has a better story.

Region 2: The Philly Nate Region

The Overbearing Vegan

Did you know that meat isn't the only way for humans to get the protein necessary for building muscle? Did you know there was a vegan in the NFL? Did you know vegans live longer? Did you know vegan deserts are actually better than regular desserts? Did you know?

Region 3: The Sean Payton Region

Leaves Shopping Cart in Parking Lot Guy

Lazy and inconsiderate.  Period.  You don't even have to push it all the way back to the store. But some of y'all are too lazy to even roll it to the nearest cart corral. Leaving your buggy out is a hazard and inconsiderate to grocery store workers. Do better.

Region 4: The Bro-Country Region

Left Lane Cruiser

Need I say more? Speed up or get out of the way. Thankfully more and more states are taking steps to thwart these monsters by writing tickets for slow driving in the left lane. There's hope for America, yet.


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