Thank you for joining us at WFNZ's Pre-Draft Party

March 22, 2018 - 10:43 am

Thank you to all those who joined us at Thursday night's pre-draft party. 

College Football Hall of Famer and Super Bowl Champion Dre Bly, former Carolina Panthers Linebacker Omar Gaither, Draft Expert Steve Muench from ESPN Scouts, Inc., former Panthers Defensive Tackle Damione Lewis, and WFNZ's very own former Panthers Center Frank Garcia led the pre-draft roundtable with fans.


Chris McClain (Mac), Travis Hancock (T-Bone), Chris Kroeger, and Kyle Bailey hosted the event. 

Tony DiGiacomo (Hitman) managed and directed the evening while Taylor Gilleland (Ozzy) interacted with the crowd. 


We appreciate all those who came out and supported this event! 

Thank you to our sponsors:





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